Lunch Specials

Soups                                     Cup            Bowl

Maryland Crab                        5                  6

Cream of Crab                         6                  7

Soup of the Day                    Ask your Server 

February Salad…Sm 8   Lg 14

Fried Crab balls, mixed greens, red onions, Gorgonzola cheese, carrots and grape tomatoes choice of dressing

Steak Quesadilla…11

Chopped steak, onions, mushrooms, blended cheese, folded in a soft tortilla served with salsa and sour cream

Black & Bleu Club …11

Blackened chicken, bacon, bleu cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on white toast served with housemade chips

Fish & Chips…13

Tempura battered Cod and house cut fries served with spicy tartar sauce

Ahi Tuna Tacos …13 (3 Tacos)

Ahi tuna, cucumbers, onion, shredded lettuce, salsa and fresh avocado on a soft tortilla

                                                                         ***Have a wonderful day!!***

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