Lunch & Dinner


   Soup of the Day:    Priced Daily

Salad Toppers

Chicken: grilled or blackened
$ 5.00
House made shrimp salad (5 ounce)
$ 6.00
Shrimp: grilled or blackened
$ 7.00
Salmon: grilled or blackened (4 ounce)
$ 7.00
Ahi tuna: grilled or blackened (6 ounce)
$ 8.00
Flank steak: marinated (5 ounce)
$ 8.00
Crab cake (5 ounce)
$ 10.00




Choice of plain or wheat wrap

Lite Fare

All Lite Fare is served with your choice of house made chips or coleslaw



Free Fixings
Lettuce, tomato, raw onions, mustard, ketchup, mayo, pickles, hot peppers, relish

Additional Fixings (add .50)
American cheese, cheddar cheese , pepperjack cheese, provolone cheese, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, green peppers, crispy onions, caramelized onions, crispy onions, bacon, marinara sauce and bbq sauce

Large Plates

All entrees are served with side salad or Caesar salad

Add grilled toppings (.50)
Garlic butter, Carmelized onions, Sauteed mushrooms, Port Wine Glaze


Coleslaw – 2.00
House made pototo chips- 2.50
Garden salad – 4.00
Caesar salad – 4.00
French fries – 4.00
Sweet potato fries – 4.00
Grilled vegetables – 4.00
Asparagus – 4.00
Red skin mashed potatoes – 5.00
Menu prices subject to change without notice.